Alter Trade Japan (ATJ) trades coffee and other foods including bananas and various edibles.

As such, ATJ is the primary trading partner of the JCFC, purchasing more than 40,000kg of JCFC coffee per year since 2010. ATJ serves the Japanese specialty coffee market for the JCFC.

Through its activities with the JCFC, ATJ promotes:

  • Support small-scale sustainable coffee production
  • Source and provide clean coffee, safe for both producers and consumers, in addition to being non-destructive to the environment.
  • Offer the opportunity for producers and consumers to interact "beyond borders". Producers and consumers are enabled to meet and support each other as human beings.

With ATJ's grass-roots economic approach, ATJ aims to build a system which allows stakeholders to choose his/her lifestyle and path to improved livelihood in the community.  ATJ's vision is to have a society where everybody would live together peacefully on this planet.