The Ethical Trading Company, Ltd is a trading initiative that employs a unique business model to create a more sustainable world. Ético offers a variety of quality products produced by small farmers around the world. We emphasize partnership, shared ownership, quality assurance, traceability and collaboration among stakeholders. Our values are embedded in our business model – Ético is 100% owned by cooperatives and charities, and dedicated to bringing justice, empowerment, and equality through quality trading relationships.

Ético began it's relationship with the JCFC in 2013, when they first imported eight tons of coffee from the JCFC for Thanksgiving Coffee. After a few years of dedication and hard work put forth by the JCFC, it became apparent that this coffee was ready for the world stage. 

After the 2016 harvest, Ético and the JCFC re-kindled their relationship with the JCFC which now allows coffee roasters to have access to some of the most fairly-traded specialty coffee on earth.