2016/17 jcfc coffee offerings

Note: Prices are Ex-Works at the Annex in Oakland, CA, USA. The importer is ETICO. $0.25 of every pound is donated back to social programs within the JCFC in cooperation with Filanthrope and Jhai Coffee House. This social impact fund must be voted upon by the JCFC for its use, an example of which could be strengthening the Cup Competition which has been shown to be an effective driver of cup quality improvement. 

All arabica coffee was processed as "washed" and will arrive to you packaged in 55lb nitrogen-flushed vacuum packed boxes like in the above banner picture. When you place your order, please do not make it as sacks but rather how many boxes you would like to purchase. If you have questions, please contact Michael & Tyson. 

The cup scores below are an average of five established and legitimate specialty coffee importers and roasters in the USA and Europe. 


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